Monday, August 21, 2017

family (sized tator tots) can be together forever...June 26, 2017...week 38

hello hello hello!!

this week was a fun one! we laughed so much! man i have just loved serving with sister durbin. sadly we got the call on saturday night telling us that she will be leaving. ughhhhh but that's okay because she will be headed to my one of my favorite spots EVER alex city!!!! (glenns take care of her for me!!) i KNOW she is going to love serving there! i got the news that instead of having a new companion i will be getting 2! so i will now be a trio! im super excited and feel like it'll just be a party the whole time! still dont know how were going to fit 3 beds in our "house" so we will see. praying our housing coordinator is just like "okay ill move yall"... a girl can dream.

we have had so many solid investigators just appear from out of nowhere and we have really been able to see how God truly does prepare people. literally had 4 different people come up to us and say i want you to teach me! 3 of them are 9 yr olds and the other an adult form a part member family! we are SO excited to start teaching them!! literally  miracle after miracle i swear.

at a member meal and ask the little kids if they've seen spongebob and the family goes not we dont watch this show. so me being the smart person i am goes "really? not even the movie?? you know the one that goes (and proceeds to sing) *im a goofy goober ya you're a" DEAD SILENCE YALL the mom just looked at the grandma the grandma just looked at the mom and i swear you could hear a pin drop. thank goodness sis durbin broke the ice just cracking up which got everyone to start laughing cause it was just so dang awkward. moral of the story dont sing spongebob songs at member meals.

currently have 5 dead cockroaches just laying around our house cause were too lazy to clean them up after all the effort we put into killing them. i know were gross. sue us. 

got to bring Olivia, our cute little investigator to a fireside last night in Birmingham which Brother Holmes, the General Young Men President over all the church spoke at! it was so cool and super inspiring! his whole discussion was about asking God questions and how to receive answers! like perfect for someone who is praying to ask God if the church is true! he saw that us a s missionaries were there and came right up to us after wards and said, "where is the person you are with here tonight? i want to meet them" He then went out of his way to meet olivia and talk to her and she was just awe-struck! she just kept saying "this person just shook m hand and he talks to the prophet face to face!!!" shes a cutie!!

also since it was a fireside I got to see some of my favorite families form columbiana there!! got to say hi to the sadlers and the thompsons! oh how ive missed those people! yall you literally leave a little piece of your heart in every place you serve. sounds cheesy but its true so oh well.

saturday night a cockroach flew into my bed and after jumping into sister durbins bed it flew onto her covers. after we got enough courage to run out we chased that flying demon around our room for 20 min before we killed it. its guts are still over our carpet as a sign to all the other ones to not mess with us. were so over this. im even over talking about them every week and yet the fear is still so real ughhh. that night we only ended getting 3 1/2 hours of sleep before we had to get up and go speak in church. we were zombies! but our talks went well so i say thats a success for us!

blew all what was left of our money this week of roach spray and family sized tator tots from sonic so i would say money well spent. 

sister durbin showed me this video this week and i absolutely LOVE it. it's sad but the faith she truly has in her Savior is the most beautiful thing.

have a blessed week!
love sister kennedy

when lightening strikes...June 19, 2017...week 37

hey yall!
sorry for no weekly last week. we went hiking and afterwards tried to e-mail but the computer we were using stopped working :( so here is a quick recap of what i was going to send last week:

jasmine a cute teen in our ward went out with us to go teach some people and it was SO MUCH FUN! she is so cute and has an awesome testimony and is preparing to go on a mission after high school so it was fun to kind of show her the ropes a bit!

got to spend a lot of time with members this week whether it was on team ups or dinner appt and i just loved it! i love this ward they are all so cute and nice and amazing! we were talking with this dude whose been a member for the last 10 years so kind of recent and my favorite line of the night was when he said, " oh no you have to quit drinking tea. you only get eternal life in return. you poor thing." hahah

found the biggest cockroach yet in our bathroom and then we LOST IT. so we pent the next 30 min getting decked out with the essentials and went back into the trap until we found it and killed it. i will say we are getting pretty good at this roach thing. gross

there was a cloud that looked like a floating mountain so of course i took a picture of it

found a cute sign on a  tree so of course we had a photo shoot with it

there was a pretty sunset last night

i needed a change so i chopped off my hair. oh well it'll grow back

had interviews with president yesterday. man this transfer went by fast.

looked our keys in the car in a sketch part of town at night. props to sis ken. but by some miracle the front door that had been totally locked, magically opened and we were saved. God is good yall.

lately idk yall but i can't talk for junk! i trip over my words and just can't say what i'm thinking and it's kind of frustrating when the one thing you do all day everyday is talk to people. sis durbin thinks i need to start doing language study every morning. for english. lol. oh well i just keep thinking in my head, "Exodus4:10 And Moses said untthe Lordmy Lord, am not eloquent... but am slow of speechand of slow tongue." which helps me to laugh it off and just keep trying to not say made up words. pray for me.

so i guess that wasn't that short of a recap oh well! well here's what happened this week:

so like i said we went hiking with our district and sister anderson up in cheaha, a really cool hiking spot here in alabama! and we went up to this super old chapel in the middle of the forest which was pretty cool! well off in the distance we heard thunder and after seeing the church we were all hanging around outside it when we were joking about "what if we got struck by lightning blah blah blah" and all that dumb stuff just making up scenarios with each other. After that conversation got done with, an Elder pulled an Uncle Rico and said "watch how far i can throw this rock!" so he throws it and i kid you not when the rock hit the ground, 25 ft. away LIGHTNING STRUCK! it was the loudest thing of our entire lives and lasted for what seemed like forever. we just all ran around not knowing where to run to and just kind of in a shock just not knowing what to do. after we stopped running around like maniacs we all just went back into the church and sat there for like 5 minutes in silence. we then decided that we should leave so we said a prayer and headed on out. nothing much happened after that but man still crazy to think about. the fact that it didnt hit one of us or a tree that would've splintered off is a miracle for sure. God is good yall.

the Book of Mormon play is coming to Birmingham next transfer so that's gonna make for some fun stuff... if you couldn't tell that was the most sarcastic thing of my entire life. ughh.

on thursday night we stopped by the church to enter some missionary info and went back outside to our car and realized i left the keys inside the church, inside the family history library. ugh. so we went to go call someone and realized sister durbin left the phone in the car. which was locked. so it's dark now and we went all around the church trying to find an open window, but man they lock these places up good. so we proceeded to go tracting, door to door, until we found someone who would let us use their phone! thankfully it didn't take too long but man what a day.

oh and did i mention i got a huge chunk of bird poop on my hand while trying to open a window? no? okay just thought i should make it known.

had a man in his talk during sacrament tell the ward how this mormon dude on the radio who probably had a better testimony that the missionaries *as he gestures to us* like what?? hahah

well it might not be better than the dude on the radio but it's my own testimony and that's what matters. i know this church is true. i know that Christ lives and is at the head of His church. The book of Mormon is the word of God, alongside the Bible. Never does one replace the other and i know that is the way God intended it to be. I feel it deep within me that this is what is right and I'm grateful to be out here helping others find this out for themselves. If you'd ever be interested to know for yourself, just ask a member or a missionary. i promise you that if you ask God for yourself, He will make it known to you. and that is not i promise i make lightly. *james 1:5-6*

okay well i hope yall have a blessed week and stay safe! try not to get stuck by lightning!
love always
sister kennedy

yall i did somethin crazy...June 12, 2017...week 36

we're not safe anywhere...June 5, 2017...week 35

hello hello! that seems to be my new phrase with everyone i meet and im not quite sure where it came from but i like and am gonna stick with it!

today we had a zone activity in birmingham, which was super fun! we had a fun talent show and played gatorball so you could say it was a good day! my district and i did a fun skit to the sound of music but replaced it with all things bama and missionary wise! it was a good one! shout out to sister winter for helping coming up with the idea!!

cockroaches are still alive and well in our apartment. sister durbin and i haven't slept very well/ or at all this past week but its alright i guess. we sleep with the lights on in our kitchen, "hallway" and bathroom because we've convinced ourselves that cockroaches are scared if the dark lol it brings a little peace to our souls. one morning after studies, i had barely gotten any sleep the night before and was just praying to Heavenly Father that if He didn't take them away from our house to at least help me to be okay with them crawling everywhere, or to kill them all, you know whatever works best for Him. and i kid you not when i said amen and got up off my knees, there right behind me a huge dead cockroach. i still don't know what to think about it but im leaning towards it being a miracle. isn't God good??

a grasshopper jumped up my dress this week tracting. literally one of my fears while being out here and it happened. man i jumped around like crazy trying to get it out. never really saw it leave but i guess that's what faith is for right?

my mind is fried from the lack of sleep and while shopping called tortilla chips, salsa chips and thought it was completely normal and i just would like to have a record of that so i never forget how weird missions make you.

had a couple member meals this week and they were SO much fun!! we had one with the Anderson family. They're from Idaho and the cutest family ever!! they invited some people over whose daughter wants to become a member of the church. she just got back from going to girls camp and LOVED it! but i mean who wouldn't?? it's girls camp! her name's olivia and just the cutest girl ever! sweetest heart and earnest desire to know more about this gospel and if it's true! 

we went to another member's home who are actually a foster family and have some adopted children  and i felt right at home! they had a cute little girl staying with them and the funniest thing she said was, "i have 12 talents and one of them is sometimes i can make these people believe that im a cat." in all seriousness. sister durbin and i were dying!!

went to find a referral of someone who ordered a free bible and it literally led us to a tent with someone just living in the forest. when we heard movement sister durbin and i BOOKED it out of there. that person will now be receiving a bible from the elders.

got to go to gadsen for a fun "first friday" downtown street fair to do some contacting. we met a lot of nice people and even ran into the andersons when we were down there! they had super sweet old cars lined all the way down main street and it was just awesome! 

was sitting in Sacrament meeting and saw a cockroach run along the pew into some dudes hair down his shoulder down his leg and off to the next victim. AND THIS DUDE HAD NO IDEA. i dont think the phrase "sister durbin and i. were. dying." even begins to cover it. and it all started when sister durbin leaned over to me and said"we're not safe anywhere" as she points out the cockroach running on the pew. ew. but i love this place and love this people and it makes all the roaches in the world worth it.

met a baptist preacher and after telling us how there are no such things as "latter-day saints' (like what does that even mean? like yes there are im right here) he gave us a coke and some candy. man i love the south!

made fried green tomatoes with Sister Stewart! best things of my life!!

i invite all of yall to watch this video about the Book of Mormon and a living Apostle's testimony about it. it's truly amazing!

hope yall have a blessed week!
love always
sister kennedy

Sunday, June 4, 2017

it's gr8 to be 8...May 30, 2017...week 34

hey yall!!

so much has happened! first off i hit my 8 month mark! yay. actually didnt even realize it was my 8 months until about half way through church but 8 is like a fan favorite number throughout the church, you know the age kids can get dunked, so this month should be a good one. 

had zone conference this week and that was fun! still trying to get to know the missionaries in this zone since both sis durbin and i have never served around this part of the mission so wish us luck! it was a great zc with good insight and there was actually a whole thing about using family history to help people learn about the church. its only the thing ive been doing for the last 10 yrs of ma life. jk but glad to start putting all of it to use so yay! sister sainsbury was all like "they can't shut you down with this approach, that would be like dissin on their own ancestors!" hahah so we tried it the next day and the chick dissed on her own ancestors and didnt want to do family history. oh well her loss! just kidding but the next lady we asked was super into it so all in all i think its a winner! 
sister durbin, sister stewart (cute lady from our ward), and we planned the best graduation party EVER. it took us like 4 hours but we got it all set up and even had a chance to eat the delicious food all before the guests arrived. talk about some fun service!! we loved it

sister stewart gave us a ton of food, some of them being jalapenos and so we ate those one day and i chopped them up and THEN TOUCHED MY EYES. i legit thought i was gonna die. i think i even saw dead people in the process. oh wait nope that's just everyone else here in anniston. legit met more people who claim to see dead people, some of them being members..... anyways

so were kind of teaching this lady who, bless her, has like dead mice on her front porch and so there are just flies and bugs everywhere and guess where we teach her. her. front. porch. so sister durbin and i are struggling because we have too many bug bites to count and its like the ones where you wake up in the middle of the night cause they itch so bad. but we do it because we love the people!!! thats our motivational talk we give ourselves before we walk up to her porch "we do it because we love her!!!" and she is just so sweet. she wants to get baptized so badly but doesn't understand what the priesthood is so were just trying to make it through! well get there!

drove through one of the craziest storms of my life to zone conference. there was just a point where all 4 of us in the car were screaming and i may or may not have had my hands in the air, and i was the one driving, like a legit Jesus take the wheel moment...anyways after wards i just kept hearing the lyrics, "im still alive but im barely breathin" could not be more true. alabama rain storms are somethin else

we threw away 84 eggs this week that we found in our fridge. like what even elders?? how do you even get that much??

had some dude we were teaching go "dont be freaked out" as he proceeds to smell my hair... oh alabama 

last night we found 4 cockroaches throughout our house, like big ones, and we only were able to kill one. so safe to say we didnt sleep very well last night and convinced ourselves that if the lights were on the bugs wouldn't come out so we slept with all the lights on all. night. long. with our beds in the middle of the room so bugs didnt get on us. logical i know

yall!! guess who i had lunch with the other day! THE GLENNS!!!!! they came up to anniston for the day and we were able to meet up and have some really good mexican food! yall they made my week! love them!!

well since i hit my 8 months i'll leave some of my favorite verses showing God's character and explaining why we believe children don't need to be baptized until the age of accountability which is 8 so here ya go!
Moroni 8:
Listen to the words of Christ, your Redeemer, your Lord and your God. Behold, I came into the world not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance; the whole need no physician, but they that are sick; wherefore, little children are whole, for they are not capable of committing sin; wherefore the curse of Adam is taken from them in me, that it hath no power over them...
12 But little children are alive in Christ, even from the foundation of the world; if not so, God is a partial God, and also a changeable God, and a respecter to persons; for how many little children have died without baptism!
13 Wherefore, if little children could not be saved without baptism, these must have gone to an endless hell...
17 And I am filled with charity, which is everlasting love; wherefore, all children are alike unto me; wherefore, I love little children with a perfect love; and they are all alike and partakers of salvation.

Well i hope yall have a blessed week!
love always,
sister kennedy

yall fireflies are real...may 22, 2017...week 33

hello people of the outside world!

so this week i had to say goodbye to my homie sister winter because i was transferred to anniston alabama. but we were able to have an awesome last couple of days!! we got to do some gymnastics with the cutest girl ever sarah and i even busted out a couple back flips and fulls on the trampoline which was fun! we then got to see the martineaus one last time and that was a sad goodbye. man i love that family!! jennifer was the cutest thing of my life and bought us lunch and a cake for my last day! it was so cute and my heart broke leaving that cute little courthouse but i will be back one day and that makes me feel better!

well we went to transfers met up with my cute new companion, sister durbin, and we were off! we took over an elders apartment and can i just say, ew. its literally like they have never cleaned in the past 20 years of elders living there i swear! it was just dark and dreary and ew. so sister durbin and i went to target got the necessities, like cute hanging lights and stuff like that, and turned that house upside down, i kid you not. i wish we would've taken a before picture because i think what we did was nothing short of a miracle. God is good people. its cute and livable and ya i must say pretty proud of us!

well anniston is the most prepared place ever! we already have 2 people who are progressing and reading the BOM everyday and one on dat for a baptism! it is awesome! but with that comes some weirdos along with it! but gotta love them too thats what makes this mission thing fun!
we met someone who:
  • told us they talk with dead people
  • told us to not be deceived by false powers and put down the book of mormon just for a week to see if our minds would clear up lol
  • did some serious power poses as sister durbin called them as this old man kept lifting up his shirt and leaning trying to show off? idk i dont even want to know hahah
  • told us how good God was when he helped her get rid of the 35 guns she was riding around with in her car
  • slowed down our car in the middle of a sketchy place and when we wouldn't give him a ride got super upset and started to yell so we just drove away
  • told us they didn't grow up in ireland but had an irish accent that would go in and out throughout our whole conversation. sister durbin and i was trying SO hard not to laugh whenever they would jumped back into the fake accent after realizing they had forgotten they were doing one haahah
i mean just the funnest things have happened and it's only been 5 days. not even a week yall!

miracle of the week:
our first day in anniston we went to lunch at this random pizza spot and out of nowhere this dude talks to us saying how we took him and his wife's normal spot and just messing around with us. he then told us how he's a less active member of the church and was just the nicest guy so sister durbin asked if him and his wife would ever have us over and he was like no im good, but yall keep doing good! well the next day we went to find a bible referral and she wasn't home so we started knocking doors and the 2nd door we knocked on, Alex opened the door, the same dude as before. that was no coincidence at all! we then talked to him for 40 min and he accepted a new book of mormon and reading a chapter out of it and were going back this friday to follow up! it was crazy cool and we were just so led by the Spirit to go to that referral. like there were too many things leading up to that encounter that it was NO coincidence. God is good yall!

 sister durbin and i legit had a 10 min standoff with a pit bull before making a break to our car. it didnt get us so i would say thats a win for us.what is up with pit bulls and missionaries yall?? i just dont get it??

did yall know fireflies are actually real?!?!? because i didn't and this week i gained some knowledge! we ate at the stewarts (this cute member family) for dinner and at dusk fireflies started lighting up throughout the whole street! it was the prettiest thing of my life! so we spent the next 20 min catching them and putting them in glasses! it was legit magical! yall i love the south and will never get over how picturesque this place truly is.

alrighty well i love yall and hope that you have a blessed week! remember one of my fav scriptures form the bible John 16:33 "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."

sister kennedy

10 things i love about columbiana...May 22, 2017...extra surprise letter

here's a surprise post to post all pictures i wanted to be posted that weren't AND my top 10 things that ill miss about that cute little town!

  1. biking on HIGHWAY 70. yup that's right a real highway with no bike lane. makes things interesting that's for sure.
  2. the way the courthouse randomly creaks and groans when you walk upstairs and you feel like you could just fall through the floor any second.
  3. the bees that like to live right outside our door of our apartment and like to try to hit us as we leave every morning.
  4. davis drug store and their cute little grill we would go and eat at every now and then!
  5. the creepy feeling you get when you see hand prints going up the wall in the back room of the courthouse. #haunted
  6. getting banana pudding from tin top bc it's 10x better when someone else makes it when it's from tin top
  7. Clem calling 10 million times a day. im gonna miss those calls!
  8. biking along the back road by the senior living center at dusk. i swear yall its the little things that are the most beautiful at times.
  9. that wretched bike ride we would have to endure going up the stupid hill on egg and butter rd. up to our church building
  10. jennifer always yelling "hey ladies!" as we would walk into the courthouse every morning. gonna miss her!
well there you have it. hope yall enjoy!
sis ken