Sunday, October 16, 2016

It's Time to be Like Laban....Week Two...October 13, 2016

hello hello hello!

It's Thursday again which means you get to hear from me! Lucky you! Just kidding. Probably already annoyed by my e-mails! But doesn't matter cause I'm still sending them whether you like it or not! So here it goes.

Last week I kind of talked about my district but didn't go into much depth and since most of my stories are about these people I'm hanging out with, I thought I would just tell them to you so you know who they are!

The Elders:
Heading to FLorida, Jacksonville - Elder Willets (from Logan, UT), Elder Neeley (from Conneticut), and Elder Atkin (grom Chico, CA)

Heading to South Carolina, Columbia - Elder Trudeau (from Gilbert, AZ), Elder McArthur (from st. george, UT), and Elder Young (from somewhere in UT).

The Sisters:
Heading to Alabama, Birmingham - Sister Gilbert (from Lehi, UT), Sister Winter (from American Fork, UT) and Sister Haws (from Provo, UT).

So a lot from Utah but it's all good cause we are family. We literally try to hang out 24/7. Especially during our exercise time! We'll all go out and play beach volleyball for the whole time! Everyday we've gone out there, whether it's 2:30 in the afternoon, or 7:00 in the morning. It's pretty cold at that time, but we tough it out as our feet are literally in pain from how cold it is! We're actually so close that we've all gotten a pretty gnarly head cold this past week. It started with Sister Winter and Elder Willets and has made it's way all around the district. #blessed. And playing in the freezing cold probably didn't help that, but oh well! We honestly have so much fun together! 

Funny story time! We were practicing talking to investigators and somehow Elder Neeley had to portray a woman and started throwing a fit because he was too manly for that, which resulted in him pulling a man card out of his wallet. That's right, a real man card, with his name and everything on it. So our teacher Brother Gill, asked if he could see it and the minute he had it in his hand he goes, "There now you don't have one. Be a woman!" That had us all laughing. But what followed was even funnier because then to get it back we wanted him to do a manly thing. SO we made him do 100 push ups with only 4 30 sec. breaks in between. SO for the next 15 mins we proceeded to watch Elder Neeley try to do 100 push ups to get his man card back! lol! and after he sort of finished, Elder Atkin goes, "Well if I can do more than 100, I get your man card." SO then for the next 15 min. we cheered on Elder Atkin while he did 110 pushups. We were all dying, especially Brother Gill! It's was hilarious!

But ya so this week was pretty awesome because at our Tuesday night devotional, Elder David A. Bednar, an Apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ, came and spoke with us. It was incredible! All the sisters in our district got to be part of the choir that sang to him and the we made it on the big screen!! Which is pretty cool because the devotional was being broadcasted to all the MTC's in the world! Having him in the room was just simply incredible. Here we all are, missionaries of the Lord, testifying of modern day prophets, and he was in the same room as us! Just so cool!! He talked about how he takes notes at General conference and how he uses the words spoken by prophets and applying them into our everyday life, because really they're words given to us by our Heavenly Father who wants us to be happy. SO it was just amazing! No words to describe it!

We had our last lesson with Jacqi and found out that she is a real investigator with a baptism date almost ready, just waiting for her husband to come back from a long business trip so he can be there to witness it. Oh man I love her so much and her sweet spirit is just amazing! At that last lesson we all just bore our testimonies of this gospel we all love so much and told each other how much we appreciated her. It was a tough goodbye, but it's okay because we still see her around the TRC building and she runs up to us to give us a hug and tells us all about what's new in her life! I love her so much!

RANDOM Thoughts:

- Okay honestly, the food here is getting quite frustrating. Because every. single. day. all they have is chicken. It's getting ridiculous! ugh i just want real meat in my life right now! is that too much to ask?!! 

- We sang "God be With You Till We Meet Again" to the sisters in our zone, who left this last monday to their missions and it was just a crazy realization that we all have the same journey ahead os us.

-  We went and did a temple walk on Sunday with about a million missionaries! It was insaaaaane!!! But super cool!

- Me and my district girls all got matching shirts and they're awesome!

- Me and Sister Winter have determined that if Laman and Lemuel were alive today they would probably be drug lords. Just saying. (two brothers from the Book of Mormon)

SPIRITUAL thought:

At the devotional, Elder Bednar said that of course we're listening to the words of the prophets but are we listening to the words that aren't being said? And that just kind of hit me. Are we listening to the spirit when we consciously feel it? Just a thought for you to think about this next week!

But ya almost time to head out of the MTC myself and that is crazy!! (we leave Monday morning at like 3:30am. ahhh!) But ya ready or not Alabama I'm coming for you. As someone once said, "It's time to be like Laban, and head off!" Get it?! (a story from the Book of Mormon when Laban's head gets cut off....great story, great joke too!)

love love love you guys!
Sister Kennedy

Me and My Companion Sister Gilbert
Crazy District Fun
Zone Girls Above
4 Sisters Heading to Alabama Monday Morning
Beautiful Provo Temple

Ready or we come!


  1. Sister Kennedy you are so doing the right thing. I'll be reading your updates and even living vicariously through your Mission. This is Sister Diane Towns from Dover! I last saw you at Brad Kroshus wedding in Reno!! 😘

  2. I'm loving your posts! Good luck in the field! I'm excited for you Sister Kennedy!