Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Alive and Well in Alabama! October 19, 2016

Hi mom! 

Just wanted to say I have arrived in my first area and I'm alive and well. Already said my first ya'll! I'm in drumroll please....... Alexander City!!!! (aka Alex City) It's this super cute little town with a lot of projects. There's not even a ward, just a cute branch that's held in this super old, used to be, baptist church! It's so cute! I already love this place and my trainer! Her name is Alyssa Terry from Utah. And I love her! And the members in the branch! Love ya'll so much! Talk (really email) to ya Monday!!

Love always,
Sister Kennedy

1508b Stonehenge Drive
Alex City, AL 35010

Things to send:
Shampoo and Condtioner
7 seconds
a new alarm clock (i left it at the hotel)
a robe

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