Sunday, June 4, 2017

10 things i love about columbiana...May 22, 2017...extra surprise letter

here's a surprise post to post all pictures i wanted to be posted that weren't AND my top 10 things that ill miss about that cute little town!

  1. biking on HIGHWAY 70. yup that's right a real highway with no bike lane. makes things interesting that's for sure.
  2. the way the courthouse randomly creaks and groans when you walk upstairs and you feel like you could just fall through the floor any second.
  3. the bees that like to live right outside our door of our apartment and like to try to hit us as we leave every morning.
  4. davis drug store and their cute little grill we would go and eat at every now and then!
  5. the creepy feeling you get when you see hand prints going up the wall in the back room of the courthouse. #haunted
  6. getting banana pudding from tin top bc it's 10x better when someone else makes it when it's from tin top
  7. Clem calling 10 million times a day. im gonna miss those calls!
  8. biking along the back road by the senior living center at dusk. i swear yall its the little things that are the most beautiful at times.
  9. that wretched bike ride we would have to endure going up the stupid hill on egg and butter rd. up to our church building
  10. jennifer always yelling "hey ladies!" as we would walk into the courthouse every morning. gonna miss her!
well there you have it. hope yall enjoy!
sis ken

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