Sunday, June 4, 2017

yall fireflies are real...may 22, 2017...week 33

hello people of the outside world!

so this week i had to say goodbye to my homie sister winter because i was transferred to anniston alabama. but we were able to have an awesome last couple of days!! we got to do some gymnastics with the cutest girl ever sarah and i even busted out a couple back flips and fulls on the trampoline which was fun! we then got to see the martineaus one last time and that was a sad goodbye. man i love that family!! jennifer was the cutest thing of my life and bought us lunch and a cake for my last day! it was so cute and my heart broke leaving that cute little courthouse but i will be back one day and that makes me feel better!

well we went to transfers met up with my cute new companion, sister durbin, and we were off! we took over an elders apartment and can i just say, ew. its literally like they have never cleaned in the past 20 years of elders living there i swear! it was just dark and dreary and ew. so sister durbin and i went to target got the necessities, like cute hanging lights and stuff like that, and turned that house upside down, i kid you not. i wish we would've taken a before picture because i think what we did was nothing short of a miracle. God is good people. its cute and livable and ya i must say pretty proud of us!

well anniston is the most prepared place ever! we already have 2 people who are progressing and reading the BOM everyday and one on dat for a baptism! it is awesome! but with that comes some weirdos along with it! but gotta love them too thats what makes this mission thing fun!
we met someone who:
  • told us they talk with dead people
  • told us to not be deceived by false powers and put down the book of mormon just for a week to see if our minds would clear up lol
  • did some serious power poses as sister durbin called them as this old man kept lifting up his shirt and leaning trying to show off? idk i dont even want to know hahah
  • told us how good God was when he helped her get rid of the 35 guns she was riding around with in her car
  • slowed down our car in the middle of a sketchy place and when we wouldn't give him a ride got super upset and started to yell so we just drove away
  • told us they didn't grow up in ireland but had an irish accent that would go in and out throughout our whole conversation. sister durbin and i was trying SO hard not to laugh whenever they would jumped back into the fake accent after realizing they had forgotten they were doing one haahah
i mean just the funnest things have happened and it's only been 5 days. not even a week yall!

miracle of the week:
our first day in anniston we went to lunch at this random pizza spot and out of nowhere this dude talks to us saying how we took him and his wife's normal spot and just messing around with us. he then told us how he's a less active member of the church and was just the nicest guy so sister durbin asked if him and his wife would ever have us over and he was like no im good, but yall keep doing good! well the next day we went to find a bible referral and she wasn't home so we started knocking doors and the 2nd door we knocked on, Alex opened the door, the same dude as before. that was no coincidence at all! we then talked to him for 40 min and he accepted a new book of mormon and reading a chapter out of it and were going back this friday to follow up! it was crazy cool and we were just so led by the Spirit to go to that referral. like there were too many things leading up to that encounter that it was NO coincidence. God is good yall!

 sister durbin and i legit had a 10 min standoff with a pit bull before making a break to our car. it didnt get us so i would say thats a win for us.what is up with pit bulls and missionaries yall?? i just dont get it??

did yall know fireflies are actually real?!?!? because i didn't and this week i gained some knowledge! we ate at the stewarts (this cute member family) for dinner and at dusk fireflies started lighting up throughout the whole street! it was the prettiest thing of my life! so we spent the next 20 min catching them and putting them in glasses! it was legit magical! yall i love the south and will never get over how picturesque this place truly is.

alrighty well i love yall and hope that you have a blessed week! remember one of my fav scriptures form the bible John 16:33 "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."

sister kennedy

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