Sunday, June 4, 2017

"yall need to tease your hair or somethin"...May 15, 2017...week 32

hey yall!! its been a crazy week especially the past 3 days!! one of the reasons being that it was mother's day which means we got to SKYPE HOME!!! best day ever!!! and since i did that yesterday this one is gonna be a short one today, i promise this time!!

friday night was the yw fundraiser for girls camp which included a spaghetti dinner and a silent action of baked goods and live auction of free service opportunities. and so we missionaries put all our funds together and outbid the ward on this awesome cake that were saving for district meeting tomorrow. pretty pricey cake if i do say so myself but i bet you its gonna be the best money spent out here hahah. also this lady runs a gym and was actioning off 7 days of personal training and we wanted to buy it, cause southern squish is real yall, but we didnt have anymore money, cause we just blew it all on the cake, and so this nice lady bought it for us!! how cute is that! our first day of working out is later this afternoon. heres to dying! but its worth it. ill let you know how it goes!

saturday we had all the senior missionaries and President and Sister Sainsbury come experience a tour of the courthouse and the project we are running and it was so fun! im so grateful for all their service and time they put into helping us out! it was a nice afternoon.

but also realize that night was transfers calls and so we were freaking out after the court house because lets be real you can only knock so doors before you go crazy especially when you are checking the clock every 2 seconds. but thats okay we made it through. all thanks to a little store contacting and little ceasars. blessed. oh and we bribed our zone leaders to call us first with the news and told them if they did we would bring them a cake to our district meeting on tuesday. little did they know we were doing that anyways but oh well they called us first and we got the news and...drumroll please...... im being transferred. sad day. i just got comfortable here but thats okay! im going to companions with sister durbin, a cute girl in my zone and we weill be white washing a town called Anniston! fun day!

sunday was mothers day was awesome and i loved it and just ahhh so good! loved talking to the fam it was much needed! we spent the rest of the day with our Bishop and his family had foil dinners and strawberry shortcake and it was just awesome! i love that family!! hard to say goodbye to all these awesome families out here but oh well heres to a new adventure!!

all right yall well i guess it wasnt too short but i guess youll live! oh funny moment of the week. this lady at the yw fundraiser pulled us aside and told us that if we are to wear our hairs in buns that we need to tease a little bit because we were lookin a little pentecostal. i mean sister winter and i were feelin pretty good so i mean if thats what pentecostal looks like well then they be lookin fly! hahaha oh how i love the south!!

yall its the moment you all have been waiting for! i finally chose my scripture to go on my missionary plaque! i know i know i was suppose to do it 10 years ago but oh well better late than never!! i have chosen one of my all time favorite scriptures and it is... drumroll........
Alma 26:36 Now if this is aboasting, even so will I boast; for this is my life and my light, my joy and my salvation, and my redemption from everlasting wo. Yea, blessed is the name of my God, who has been mindful of this people, who are a bbranch of the tree of Israel, and has been clost from its body in a strange land; yea, I say, blessed be the name of my God, who has been mindful of us, dwanderers in a strange land.

i hope yall had a blessed mother's day and have a blessed week! 
love yall!
sister kennedy

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