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"now let me tell you about MY Jesus"...Week 4...October 31, 2016

*sorry for all the grammatical errors ahead of time* 

hello hello hello!!!

Probs going to be shorter email cause not as much time! sorry missionary life...but it's cool!

Let's get right into it! We have this one investigator who is so prepared for the gospel its INSANE! last monday we had a lesson at her house and she was all like "are y'all mormon?" and we were like...."uh ya?" hoping she didn't flip out on us (cause that's what happens a lot) and she was all like "how do you become a mormon? i think i want to be a mormon." Sistah Terry (that's what i call her companion) and i were like freaking out on the inside cause you know, gotta keep our cool in front of the 'gators. and we were like "ya totally um so all you have to is be baptized and a couple of other stuff and she was super accepting and last night she committed to baptism YAYAYAYAYA! sistah terry and i really started to freak out at that one! Man such a  highlight of the week. knowing that someone is coming closer to Jesus Christ. Just wow. Such an adrenaline rush. not even kidding. But so so so awesome i am so excited for her because i KNOW that this gospel can bring so much happiness and joy into one's life! man the gospel is so good! 

that whole experience kind of made up for the rest of the week. we had 2 families, yes that's right i said families, that were about to turn into a progressive investigators, which is like a baptism date and instead we had a 'drop talk' with them, which essentially means they said stuff and won't agree to follow up on the commitments we've asked them to do. also a lot of thought goes into it, so don't think we just drop them randomly, but so so so heartbreaking to see them so close to accepting the gospel and reject it at the last minute. it honestly breaks your heart seeing them turn away from it. ugh still sad to this day but then I think of Techel'le, the one getting baptized, and it makes it all worth it!!

Best excuses of the week:

we normally start it with "hi we're the sister missionaries, would you like to hear a scripture about Jesus Christ" And here are their responses:

- I've already been saved but thank you very much. door closed.
- okay and i'll share a scripture from my bible as well afterwards. smiles. 
- okay but then I'll tell you about MY Jesus. (cause you know they're different...not)
- No not right now, I'm busy *eating a bag of chips just sitting on the porch* haha that was a good one.
- nah I don't feel too well right now. "oh okay could we come back when you feel better??" nah I never feel good. *sitting on the porch and just avoids eye contact until we leave* haha

so that is what it looks like tracting (walking around neighborhoods contacting people and teaching about Jesus) the new area we been tracting. really fun! but nah i really do love it soooooo much!!! wasn't able to do as much service as we like this week due to exchanges and so that means that we exchanged companions for the night and i spent the night in Millbrook with one of the STL's (a training sister) and that was so much fun!! I was really excited because i knew we would go to a member's house for dinner (yay! real food! real dinner!) and got there and we had 1 grilled cheese for dinner lol! but's it all good because it was made with love! (that's what i call it when it's burnt on one side!) just made me love Alex City so much more!!! but that was really fun!

Funny Thing that happened yesterday! We got locked out of our house! I locked the door from the inside turned to sistah terry and asked if she had the keys and she went uhh no i thought you had them. and we both just kind of hung our heads like oh no what did we just do. so for the next 20 mins. instead of praying, our mistake, we broke into our house (which was a little too easy if i do say so myself) I ended up crawling through a window, in a church dress too, and unlocked the door from the inside. (kind of broke the lock on the window so it's even easier to break into our house now buts its all good, cause we got a picture of Jesus on the front door, so we protected) and sistah terry comes into the house and goes, did you just hand me the keys and i was all like no. and she was all like, " cause i just found them ion my pocket" hahaahahah she had them the WHOLE time! But it's all good got us laughing!

Also had our halloween branch party (church group in the area) last night and we had a great turnout! i think we had 10 kids!!! yay! sistah terry and i did a cake walk for them and it took about 5 min for everyone to win. it was so cute i loved it and love them!! just the whole party was different but it was so cute and so Alex City!! We had like 10 homemade pies to choose from and wow, just wow, sooooo good!!! oh and by the way HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! so exciting! the only reason it feels like the holiday is because we don't go tracting today so that's different. actually we're advised to stay at a member's house for the evening, which I'm glad about because there has been all this talk through the town about clowns and people recreating the Purge. idk but everyone is warning us. even little girls in walmart came up to us today to warn us about it and tell us thats why they're not going trick or treating. Y'all pray for us! and Alex City! but its cool its cool!

i had a real personal moment this week after one of the drop talks and thought of how inadequate i am to be a missionary, but sisah terry has my back and totally took care of me. love her and all the things she does for me. and don't worry all good now because We are Steadfast in Christ! and can do all things through HIM.

well thats all the time i have, i invite y'all to read mosiah 24:13-14. 

 13 And it came to pass that the voice of the Lord came to them in their afflictions, saying: Lift up your heads and be of good comfort, for I know of the covenant which ye have made unto me; and I will covenant with my people and deliver them out of bondage.
 14 And I will also ease the burdens which are put upon your shoulders, that even you cannot feel them upon your backs, even while you are in bondage; and this will I do that ye may stand as witnesses for me hereafter, and that ye may know of a surety that I, the Lord God, do visit my people in their afflictions.

helped me through this week and im sure it can help you in yours!!

love love love you all so much and hope you have a safe and happy halloween!!

sister kennedy

April here...I'm posting notes on pictures she sent for y'all!

there's our cute girl!! 

Their typical dinner they cook for themselves most nights!

Branch (church) halloween party below. 

I think they have about 30 people in their Church branch. In Napa we have about 175 that attend our 10:00 meeting each week. We feed the missionaries in our area every night at a different member's house. It makes sense now why Kaia and her companion are feeding themselves most nights. Only 30 members can't even begin to try to feed them every night! In my next box to her...I'm sending canned food to make easy dinners. haha. 

Sister Terry's birthday was last week. 
So was Kaia's one month anniversary in the mission field.
They went out for sushi.
Looks super good!
I'm impressed....Alex City. 

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