Monday, November 28, 2016

"who is it?!" "the missionaries!" 'WHO?!"...Week 7...November 21, 2016

Hello peeps!

It is thanksgiving week! yay!! so exciting! not much happened this week, just a ton of driving!! We went to Montgomery twice! Like what?! So many miles!! ahh just hurts me to write that sentence! Only because we only get a certain amount (of miles) each month and we've already exceeded it. ouch (which means they are on bikes then when out of miles)

but we went for some good reasons! One of them was zone conference! yay! that was amazing! probably my favorite thing was said by President Sainsbury, " As missionaries we give about 90% and then keep that 10% to ourselves as our comfort zone as just one little thing that we keep for yourself. But its time to give all we have and to give up that 10%, no matter how hard it might be." And I loved that because it is so true! But I am working on that his week and I'm telling y'all so I'll be accountable for it! It reminds me of a quote by President Monson, our living prophet on the earth today. He says, "I gave up something I loved, for the God I loved more." How amazing is that it! And zone conference was also great because i GOT to see Sister GilbertaHHH so good to see her! Felt like a breath of fresh air, like someone form home! love that girl!! (that was her companion in the Missionary Training Center for 3 weeks)

The other reason was to help with the Interfaith Nativity Exhibit held at the stake center in Montgomery! Over 300 nativities are submitted from all around the state and made into this beautiful exhibit so we went with the Wetempka sisters and helped out there for a couple hours! It was so much fun to be able to help and see all the nativities that were coming in!

So its official. we're getting fat. its happened. its happening. its gonna keep happening. but i'm going to embrace it . #southernliving we went to this place called Sho'nuffs and wow. just wow. it was amazing!! that is the place to go in alex city if any of y'all are in this area! also we finally got meals from members! #blessed! All in one day too! So so so kind of them and so appreciated! But i will admit eating at KFC and Mc'ds in one day is making us #McFathahah but still so appreciative!! 

We were able to help an older lady move all of her Christmas boxes from her basement to her living room. she called and asked us to come over and we were happy to help. first 2 second of walking into her home she started bashing the church and about how women are treated and once she was done, said okay so there's the basement... and so forth like it never happened. oh i love the south!! but thats alright because we got to serve her and show her love. there's a saying , "service softens stony hearts." ill just let that be.....

We had a Relief Society (all the ladies) activity this week! Yay!!
it was of glass etching! Ill show a picture closer to Christmas!! but thank you to sister jones for helping us all out!! we love you!!

Best thing about the South! No one answers their doors without first screaming "who is it?"  about scared me half to death my first door knock. but it always follows the same, every door. "who is it?!" and we'll respond, 'the missionaries." which always gets an even louder, meaner, "who?!" with then a door being swung open at the same time. it's just the culture here and i love it. Sistah Terry and I crack up every time it happens. so we laugh a lot cause it happens all day everyday! 

Baptism is still on for Techel'le this Saturday!! YAY! So so SO excited for her! Words cannot describe the love I have for her and the desire I have for her to get baptized! Ahh just a special calling being a missionary i love it!

One last thing I want to leave y'all with. In my scripture study today I found this scripture in 2 Nephi 27:25 "Forasmuch as the people draw near unto me with their mouth, and with their lips do honor me, but have removed their hearts far from me, and their fear towards me is taught by the precepts of men." Absolutely love it! So many things we can learn from this scripture! First of all, our Savior is loving and merciful! He wants the best for us and we should never have too much fear to not be able to turn to him. But also, that are hearts turned towards Him. We know OF our Savior, but do we KNOW our Savior? It reminds me of a story that goes like this, "A man died and was resurrected and waiting in a room to be interviewed. Another man was ahead of him. The door opened, the man entered, and the door closed. The man on the outside could hear the conversation on the other side of the door. 
The interviewer began: “I want you to tell me what you know about Jesus Christ.”Well, He was born of Mary in Bethlehem; he lived thirty-three years, spending the last three organizing his church, choosing his Apostles, and giving the gospel to direct our lives.”
The interviewer stopped him and said: “Yes, yes, that’s all true, but I want you to tell me what you know about Jesus Christ.”
“Well, he suffered and died so that we could have eternal life. Three days later he was resurrected so that we might return to Heavenly Father.”
“Yes, yes, that is true, but I want you to tell me what you know about Jesus Christ.” The man, a little perplexed, again began: “Well, he restored the gospel in its fullness to the earth through Joseph Smith, reorganized his church, gave us temples so we could do work to save our dead. He gave us personal ordinances for our salvation and exaltation.”
The interviewer again stopped him and said, “All of what you have said to me is true.” The man was then invited to leave the room. After he left the door opened and the second man entered. As he approached the interviewer he fell upon his knees and cried, “My Lord, my God.”
So I just invite you to think about that story and ask ourselves, Do we know our Savior? Would we be able to recognize Him? I promise that is you search to know Him, you will find so much more than just that. I bear you my testimony that these things are true. I love yall so much and hope yall have a blessed Thanksgiving!! 

love, sister kennedy

Best BBQ in Alex City 

Southern BBQ and pulled pork stuffed baked potato!

There are some houses here that look straight out of a horror movie. 
Won't be knocking on this door at night!

Kaia and her companion Sister Terry at Zone Conference.

All the Sister Missionaries in her Zone (area) for conference.

Kaia and Sister Gilbert (from the MTC) reunited again at Zone Conference.
They are serving about an hour away from each other right now.
Keeping fingers crossed that sometime during the 18 months they
might get to serve together again as companions!

Different night...slightly different dinner! She sends these to me (April) as a joke now I think!

 "we have also decorated our house in some Christmas stuff, but since it isn't quite past thanksgiving we had to add a little bit of that. and we love it. our home sweet messy home!" - kaia

'saw this bumper sticker on teh way to emailing today. don't you just love the south? i do!" - kaia

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