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The Dead Possum Says Hi...Week 5...November 7, 2016

hello everyone!!

what.a.week! I guess I'll just start with the best news ever! Techel'le has a Baptism Date!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!! November 26th! So excited for her! Sister Terry had me extend (invite) the Baptism Date, which is super nerve wracking because normally they respond with 10 million things about how their not ready, but she responded with, "I'm glad y'all picked a day! Okay one second! Im gonna put that in my calendar." Sistah terry and I were like *jaws dropped* did that just happen?!? Honestly, so prepared to receive the message of the restored gospel! My favorite thing she said was, "You know, I don't want to just go to another church but I'm ready to just Be a better person, and I feel like that's what this gospel can give me." Like hello perfect Mormon in the making! Only thing we're nervous about is when we do we tell her, that we don't e necessarily clap during our prayers... lol i love it though! And I love her!! Ahhh i know she is going to be filled with so much joy!!

Probably the thing that got Sistah Terry and myself down a little was that for 3 days straight every single appt. was cancelled on us, either in the morning or 5 min before. Ahh only frustrating because then we didn't get to teach these wonderful truths that have been restored to this earth. instead we're driving around from one place to another, just to get cancelled on or no one to be home. We are even doing this one door rule where we knock on a door until someone answers, so that at least we've talked to one house, but like whole neighborhoods wouldn't be home.  a little frustrating but's all good, because all those doors that weren't answered were made up for the one that was on Saturday! Didn't want to hear a word we had to said but in the end, accepted a BoM and wanted to read it and pray about it and we have a appt. next week to teach her about Jesus Christ's church here on the Earth today. Yay! 

Tuesday was Sister Terry's birthday!! the big 20! We had a good day! Started with pancakes and going door to door and then her getting taken to the ground by a very playful dog to hearing our first gunshot. So yup! It was quite the day! Actually I got a video of sister terry and the dog and it was hilarious!!! hahaah so funny!

Also, we went full missionary and rode our bikes all day wednesday! it was awesome! it was even more awesome because that was the day we biked like for about an hour for not one person in the whole neighborhood to answer their door! lol! and the whole time we would see anyone they would just point and follow us with their finger and say MOrmons! like the bikes made it so much more obvious than every other day with the name tag i guess! hahah and then again, sister terry got chased by a dog on her bike hahah sadly didn't get a video of that one but it sure was funny!

Funny things that have happened:

1. I was backing Sister Terry up one the side of the road and look down and my foot wearing the shoe with holes in it was right up against a dead possum on the side of the road! thankfully i didn't step on it #blessed. but i did scream and jump into the car. It was so funny! (mission rules is when backing up in a car, the person not driving has to stand outside to back them up so they don't hit anything! also she was wearing sandal type shoes that are braided...not holey!)

2. An old lady and her grandson opened the door. she tried to close it on us, but the young boy fought her the whole time saying no i wanna talk with them. while she was telling us about how she doesn't want to hear about jehovahs witnesses she was trying to prop herself up enough to grab the door handle, her grandson just kept pulling it out of reach long enough for us to share a quick scripture. #blessed

3. Sister terry and I made Fried Chicken on Saturday!!! Wondered why the oil wouldn't boil on its own and then it started smoking so badly we had to fan the house and specifically the smoke alarm for the next 15 min. our eyes burned for the rest of the night, but the chicken tasted great, and our house didn't catch on fire! #blessed

Kaia was afraid of getting oil splattered on her so she bundled up!
They were so lucky they didn't have a grease fire.

We chatted via email that they really fell short of the famous Smoke Open Fire fried chicken!

4. We were given the following food items from just stopping by 2 houses : a plastic walmart bag full of candy, a big mason jar full of minestrone soup, a jar of homemade jam, 2 boxes of velvetta mac n cheese, a tomato, 2 packets of cheese crackers, a loaf of homemade pumpkin bread, leftover pumpkin pie, a tub of cool whip, 4 hard boiled eggs, 2 bags of popcorn balls, 2 reuban sandwiches, and a whole lotta love! Man i love the south! #blessed

Same dinner....different night! 

5. When Sister Terry asked Auburn fans where they got their cute Auburn shirts, so she could try to find it but with Bama instead and we weren't killed! #blessed

6. The lovely family, The Hills, had us over for dinner and I had my first hushpuppy and fried catfish! Soo good! Love that family! 

This week my scripture was Ether 12:4 found in the BoM. 

 Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God.

It talks about hope anchoring the soul. really kept me going this week! I invite y'all to read all of Ether Chapter 12 and tell me what stood out to you!!

Her study space is getting decorated slowly but surely!

love y'all so much and hope y'all have a blessed week!
coming atchya live from alex city, it's been real!

love always,
sister kennedy


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